Berger DOT and Safety Compliance offers many services to help your company. We can help you with DOT compliance whether you are an owner/operator, a small fleet, or a large fleet. We have a unique background and an expansive knowledge of DOT and FMCSA regulations.  We would love to have you come to one of our fun and informative seminars. If you need more than an update we offer a variety of services and will be happy to customize monthly packages for you. Having been on the road, we know a lot of questions/concerns come up out there. We pride ourselves on being available to our clients to answer questions as they come up. Please, don't hesitate to contact us at any time!

Studies show that a weekly safety meeting can reduce motor vehicle accidents by nearly 50%. Weekly safety meetings provide drivers and operators with the most current information available. Drivers and operators will also be encouraged to come to me with any questions during this time.

Knowing how to perform a proper pre-trip and post-trip can help eliminate a violation during a roadside inspection. The key, is seeing the violation before Law Enforcement does. As former Law Enforcement, I can help you focus in on the key areas that the Inspector will be looking at. 

HOS violations and violations found on Level 2 inspections, are the most damaging, and most common violation Motor Carriers receive. I focus on teaching the driver how to catch these violations before the vehicle ever leaves the terminal. There is no reason to have a HOS or inspection violation. Proper training will improve your company's CSA scores and avoid unnecessary violations. 

Unfortunately, accidents will always happen. I am an experienced accident investigator and can provide a thorough accident investigation. Even if liability is found to be on the Motor Carrier, a detailed crash investigation can reduce financial obligations for the Motor Carrier. Providing a detailed crash investigation to your insurance company can help decrease payouts by the Motor Carrier.

A low CSA percentage will help retain customers, get new customers, and lower insurance rates. All inspections, good or bad, affect a Motor Carriers CSA score. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “warning” for a Motor Carrier. All citations, warnings, or bad inspections can be challenged in court, or in DATAQ. Though not all citations will be overruled, many can. As former Law Enforcement, I know what factors must be met in order to enforce action. Knowing these factors is key when challenging the order of the Officer. When challenged correctly, many violations affecting your CSA and Motor Carrier score can be overturned.


DOT and Safety Management

Are you an owner operator? Do you manage a small fleet? We can help you and your team make sense of all the grey areas of DOT law.  Do the words 'DOT compliance' and 'CSA scores' make your head hurt? Let us help you manage your files and develop safety policies, you will see your scores and insurance ratings improve in not time. 

Drug and Alcohol Consortium

The DOT requirements for drug testing are always changing. For 2019, the requirement is now 25% of drivers/operators must be called in a random pool. We always recommend going a little above the minimum requirements. We are partners with LabCorp and will maintain your random DOT drug testing records. We also offer supervisor training, and if needed we can help develop a drug and alcohol policy for your company.

Nationwide Seminars

Feel comfortable maintaining your records but want an update in policies and procedures? Sign up for one of our seminars. Looking for a personal update for your entire company? Contact us and we will be happy to develop a custom schedule to meet your business needs.